A fascinating nature toure
on the banks of Santa Croce Lake

The Oasis

Santa Croce boasts as being the largest lake in the province of Belluno and the second largest in the Veneto region. It originated from a landslide which closed the Lapisina Valley, blocking the descent of the Piave River towards Vittorio Veneto and creating the Sella del Fadalto.

On the banks of the Sbarai Oasis is an extensive wet area stretching across 30 hectares, characterised by a number of different micro environments, related to changes in the water level of the lake.
This is an ideal habitat for the wintering of an incredible range of species of birds such as the Little Grebe, Lapwing, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Penduline, and more... the Grey Heron, White Stork and the Long-tailed Skua. Visitors can easily reach the oasis on foot via a flat path and by crossing a magnificent footbridge parallel to the road to Farra d'Alpago.
Along this scenic route you can admire the monumental white willow trees or do some birdwatching thanks to the many wooden stations which line the trail.

Visitare l'Oasi

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