The story of the great natural wealth
of the Alpago and Belluno territory.

The Museum

The Museum is housed in the former Elementary School of Chies d’Alpago, owned by the Alpago Montana Union, and is open to the public thanks to the Natural History Association of Alpago.

Conceived 25 years ago by Ivan Fossa, a passionate naturalist of Puos d’Alpago in response to numerous requests from local scholars and teachers. People believed that the great natural wealth of the territory should be collected and stored in a single building, allowing young and old to enjoy and appreciate the rich biodiversity of the Belluno region. Three floors of educational exhibits, interesting collections and artefacts representing all of the sections of the Natural Sciences relating to the Alpago Basin and the entire Belluno province.

A visit to the Museum starts with the Veterbrate Zoology section on the ground floor. Marvel at the complete collection of fauna from the Belluno region: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals all perfectly conserved and donated by the Mueum’s founder Ivan Fossa.
Continue to the first floor and admire the rich collection of insects, spiders, butterflies and molluscs. There are two whole rooms dedicated to the history and analysis of the Geology and Minerology of Alpago and the Dolomites. A number of exhibits represent some of the most fascinating aspects of this area. Like the Palaeontology exhibit with its rare jaw bone of a Odontoceto - a species resembling a dolphin which inhabited the ancient waters of Alpago. Archeology has its place with the ancient Roman artefacts from Staol di Curago near Pieve d’Alpago. Educational panels explain all about Human Anatomy. .
The last floor has a large space dedicated to Botany. Dioramas accurately reproduce various environments populated by prehistoric animals and their hunters. Don’t’ forget to have a look at the vast collection of fungi (mycology) and sectioned wood (xylotheque).


From 19/06 to 19/09 by anti-covid prescriptions
Saturdays & Sundays from 3pm to 6pm


Viale Manzoni 215, Chies d’Alpago
Free Admission - Donations are Welcome
Max 10 people at a time

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