Insights into the intriguing
world of Alchemy: an ancient dwelling and the search
for the Philosopher’s Stone.

The House Museum

Step inside a spectacular home of the sixteenth century in Valdenogher, Tambre, the only survivor of this type of Alpago architecture and discover the fascinating world of Alchemy. Legend has it that the house belonged to a nobleman condemned to death in Alexandria, Egypt for alchemical practices.

The nobleman fled from Alexandria and took refuge, thanks to the intervention of the Republic of Venice, right here in Alpago. The building is property of the Alpago Montana Union and has an unusual façade, embellished with a stone low relief decoration, interpreted as symbols related to alchemy.
Selected objects, concepts, and alchemical insights of the exhibition are sure to arouse the curiosity of the visitor. Domestic spaces are populated by books, reproductions of images of alembics (distilling vessels) and videos that tell the story of the practice of Alchemy. Visitors pass through the three floors of the building, representing the three phases of alchemical work - Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo - which serve to finally reach the famous Philosopher's Stone.
The House has a number of special features, like the missing chimney which explains why the walls, especially those on the ground floor, are blackened by soot from the hearths used by the ancient owner for alchemical preparations.
The House Museum is open to the public thanks to the Alpago Association of Natural History, and is one of the rare examples of dwellings devoted to the mysterious practice of Alchemy. It also contains a small but interesting library available for use by the public on site and anyone who wants to further explore this intriguing subject.


From 19/06 to 19/09 by anti-covid prescriptions
Saturdays 10am-12noon & Sundays 3-6pm
Midweek by appointment: min 5 people


Valdenogher, Tambre
Voluntary Admission Fee
Max 5 people at a time

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