Ancient stories narrated
from the cities of the dead at Staol di Curago
and Pian de La Gnela

The Site

The Site The extraordinary discovery of two important archaeological sites at about 900 m above sea level, brought to light two necropolises: the Roman site of Staol of Curago and pre-Roman Pian de La Gnela, along the slopes of Mount Dolada, Pieve d 'Alpago surroundings.

These two sites are only accessible on foot and produced some amazing finds of great importance and artistic value, partially preserved in the Museum of Natural History in Chies d'Alpago, Marvel over the bronze and glass urns and their grave goods consisting of fibulas and coins found in the Staol necropolis and dating from the I to IV Century AD.
A spectacular bronze situla (bucket) dating to the VI century BC was discovered at the Pian de la Gnela site. The situla was used as a burial urn to contain the ashes of the ancient dead, and is one of its kind. The decoration on the urn is unique: it shows a procession of characters that ends at the base with erotic scenes and a childbirth scene. Other interesting finds include several horse figurines in glass paste, elements from an amber necklace and a bronze sceptre.