Admire our territory: Alpago and Cansiglio


“Alpago can be reached via a short route, both from Vittorio Veneto and Belluno, lying midway between these two cities. It forms a secluded, but not hidden corner, in the province of Belluno. ”

These are the words of Father Umberto Trame, a passionate narrator of the history of the Alpago territory, from his 1932 book “La Conca dell’Alpago”. It’s a description that still fits perfectly today because Alpago is truly a spectacular land to discover. Starting with Santa Croce Lake, a hotspot with water sports enthusiasts because of its wind currents. The Lake has a spectacular view: the majestic mountain peaks are reflected in its waters, from Mount Teverone to Mount Dolada, Mount Cavallo to Col Nudo and many others which exceed 2000 metres in height. Proceed to the Cansiglio Forest, today state property and formerly owned by the Republic of Venice which used the high beech trees to build a powerful fleet.

It’s a territory comprised of three municipalities – Farra d’Alpago, Tambre and Alpago – with an endless series of towns that populate the vast Alpago basin. It’s a unique place due to its ancient history, its traditions which are still alive today, the lush nature, the fauna and the incredible variety of flora. The changing colours of the forests are a delight: green in summer, fiery orange in autumn and snow-white in winter. The soaring mountain peaks and an amazing landscape to cross and to experience all year round.