All About Fish: Discover the fascinating world
of Ichthyology in a unique setting.

The centre

The experimental Centre for Fish Science is located at the entrance to the spectacular Baia delle Sirene (Sirens Bay), along the southern side of Santa Croce Lake.

The Centre offers a unique opportunity to discover the fascinating world of Ichthyology in a special setting. It was established with the idea of redeveloping the area and to boost fish production in the lake basin of characteristic and endangered species of the area – lavaret (whitefish), pike and trout. The Centre offers educational programmes for schools, focusing on activities related to the Lake and its natural habitats, organised by members of Bacino Pesca 7, operators of the facility. On the ground floor, students can learn all about the stages leading to the birth of a fish, from the hatching of the eggs right up until the releasing of the young fish into the Lake.
The modern and colourful architecture of the Centre is perfectly integrated into the environment and commands a magnificent, panoramic position allowing the visitor to admire the beauty of the Lake and the entire Alpago Basin. The two-storey wooden and cement building is fitted with large windows that overlook directly onto the water.


For School activities during the winter season, phone 0437/4244