Our project

The Museums spread across Alpago and Cansiglio come together to tell their stories.
Our project was created to promote the heritage of this area through various initiatives, events and publications. It is a heritage closely linked to the natural, traditional, historical and artistic aspects of the Belluno Province and the Veneto Region.

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Discover Our Museums and Sites

A series of tours to discover the Museums and Sites of Alpago and Cansiglio designed for children, teens, adults, seniors, students and any groups who wish to immerse themselves in the history of these places. We offer tours by experienced guides to take you on an experience that will bring you in direct contact with exhibits, animals, plants, traditions and characters who over the centuries have inhabited and enriched this beautiful territory.
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Our territory

Unspoiled land that rises from Santa Croce Lake, rising towards the magnificent mountain peaks of Alpago and reaching as far as the Cansiglio Plateau. This is a land that speaks of a past which is still alive today and can be admired right here and now.

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